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The BTS Blabo® System is based on computer-controlled jet washer technology. The jet washers are controlled completely automatically from the system containers with the help of a touch panel.
In the past, the BTS-Blabo® system has achieved hydrocarbon retrieval rates of 98 per cent when used to clean crude oil tanks. The high performance capability of the plant also allows cleaning of fixed-roof tanks and can be used in particular for heavy oil residues, slop, catalytic converter and cracker residues.  

BTS-BLABO® Jet Washer System

The BTS Jet Washer System based on Blabo® technology is currently the most powerful system available for closed, automatic tank cleaning. The modular setup in 20' containers provides for optimum deployment to sites worldwide. The system is based on computer-controlled jet washer technology, which operates at pressures of up to 12 bar and is controlled automatically from a touch panel in the plant containers. The jet washer nozzles can be installed in existing openings of approx. 200 mm diameter (manholes, sampling sockets, etc.).

Additional three-phase separation

  • Three-Phase Separation

    If necessary, the flushing medium can also be fed through a three-phase decanter. The use of a gas-tight decanter permits safe processing of the media as well as their separation into oil, water and solid phases to improve the quality of the recycled crude oil. Nitrogen inertisation and oxygen monitoring of the tanks guarantee maximum safety. If the oxygen content is too high, the plant shuts off automatically.

    The modular automated tank cleaning system based on BLABO® technology can achieve hydrocarbon recovery rates of up to 98 per cent

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