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The Manway Cannon is equipped with an integrated camera and headlight system

Manway Cannon

The Manway Cannon is a closed tank cleaning system and is suitable for all product tanks with a diameter of up to approximately 60 metres. This cleaning cannon is installed on the side and/or upper manholes. To enable the entire cleaning operation to be monitored, it is equipped with an integrated camera and headlight system. The cleaning nozzle is located between the camera and the headlight.

Monitoring from the control container

  • The entire cleaning process using the Manway Cannon is supervised on monitors in the control room, which is located in the control container. The video signals received are then digitally recorded for documentation and monitoring purposes. The cannon itself can be controlled manually by means of a joystick or automatically with the help of special software. Even in extreme situations, this allows the exact orientation of the Manway Cannon to be shown and, if necessary, corrected. To prevent explosions, the tank interior is inertised. The necessary monitoring of the gas atmosphere in the tank is then carried out from a gas analysis station in the control room. If the permitted values are exceeded, the facility is shut down automatically.

    Recycling the residual products

    To avoid environmental contamination when extracting residual products, for example, by means of suction vehicles, the gases created in the process can be fed back into the tank again through a pendulum gas pipe.

      The head of the Manway Cannon contains the built-in video camera (left), the headlight (right) and the cleaning nozzle (centre)

      The cleaning process of the Manway Cannon is monitored, documented and controlled from monitors in a control room

The functions of the Manway Cannon system

The Manway Cannon is suitable for use both in floating roof and fixed roof tanks. It is controlled manually by means of a joystick or automatically with the help of software. The exact orientation of the cannon can be adjusted at any time

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