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Loading reactors – no matter what the weather – with our dense phase conveying system

Loading reactors – no matter what the weather – with our dense phase conveying system

Always safe whatever the weather

Thanks to our material-friendly dense phase conveying system, we are able to fill reactors and other vessels with catalyst or bulk materials without interruption wherever a crane may not be used for safety or weather reasons.

Additional information can be found here: both our brochure and our video on our dense phase conveying system can be downloaded

Defying the whims of the weather

The standard way of transporting catalyst is to bring in a crane to lift up the material (packed in big bags or flow bins) and place it next to the opening. This means, however, that a large area must be cordoned off around the lifting area to create a safety zone below the suspended loads. Even with these safety zones, though, the work must be stopped if it rains too heavily or the wind gets too strong. This can all be avoided with our dense phase conveying system. With the two storage tanks on the ground, the filling container at the opening to the reactor/vessel and the hose lines all being completely weatherproof, the material can be transported and kept dry throughout the process.

Any place, any time

The dense phase conveying system is suitable for all types of reactors and vessels. We can fill your reactors in CCR, HC, Claus and styrene plants no matter the weather – even in strong winds and heavy rain. What’s more, we can use our system for molecular sieve vessels and HDS reactors as well as vessels in ethylene/propylene hydrogenation plants. The lack of space at a PSA plant, which has up to six vessels placed next to each other, is no longer a problem either thanks to our dense phase conveying system.


No need to use a crane for the loading process

No need to interrupt the work in bad weather

The material can be transported with nitrogen instead of compressed air if this is necessary

A flexible system: it is transported in a 20ꞌ container and can be installed quickly and easily at the work site

The material can be conveyed vertically up to 90m above ground – depending on the size, shape and weight of the catalyst

The electronic control system can be switched to manual control in the case of an emergency

Dust particles are vacuumed up during the filling process

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