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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

BUCHEN-ICS offers a wide range of catalyst handling technology.

We have a suitable solution for each and every need. Having worked in our sector for so many years, we have the expertise and know-how to deploy state-of-the-art processes and innovative technologies, many of which we have developed ourselves

Catalyst handling technology

We not only use standard technologies (such as industrial vacuum cleaners and material-friendly catalyst screening equipment) but also processes which we have developed ourselves to make our work even safer and more efficient. Details about a number of these technologies can be found below.

Our catalyst handling systems

Life support system (CE 0158)

Our CE-certified life support system (LSS) meets the highest safety standards and is deployed when operatives carry out tasks in a nitrogen atmosphere. This system has a number of advantages: video surveillance is available at all times (also in the LSS control centre itself) and the infrared technology enables the atmosphere and lower explosive limit (LEL) to be continuously measured. It also uses ‘anti-panic helmets’, which have two completely separate oxygen supplies, and an integrated communications system. What’s more, the system is extremely flexible as it can be transported in many different ways (trailer, bus, flight case etc).

  • An anti-panic helmet with two completely separate oxygen supplies, based on a product developed by NASA
  • Permanent video surveillance of the reactor technology
  • The integrated communications system enables the oxygen supervisor, the technician assisting the operative wearing the helmet and the operative in the reactor to communicate with each other
  • HC and O2 measuring equipment makes the work even safer for both the people and the plant and enables the LEL to be monitored
  • Documentation system: a camera and recording device able to be used in explosion-risk zones

Dense loading system

In some cases, it is extremely important for the catalyst to be distributed evenly in a reactor while it is being loaded. This is where the dense loading technology comes into play. This system has a series of rotor blades that regulate the way the material falls into the reactor. We offer all conventional dense loading systems.

Dust-free catalyst handling

The systems we use (run using either compressed air or nitrogen) fill the catalyst into 200l drums – a process that takes, on average, just 15 seconds per drum. A sliding valve automatically closes each time to prevent a spill and a sensor in the lid stops the drums from being overfilled.

Screening equipment

  • Classification methods: tumbler screening machine or vibration screening machine
  • Highly efficient: the catalyst material is screened into up to five fractions
  • Use of different mesh sizes to meet individual customer requirements

Vacuum and pre-separator units

Vacuum unit

  • Suitable for work carried out under inert conditions with a fine filter, safety filter, double-flap valve, nitrogen cooler and recirculation of nitrogen
  • Motor capacity: 240-320 kW
  • Suction capability: 6,000-10,000 m3/h
  • Suction performance: 90%

Catalyst-friendly pre-separator unit

  • Catalyst handling equipment for loading and unloading work
  • A continuous flow of gas throughout the system prevents the catalyst breaking up

Our mobile silo cleaning systems

BinWhip® – our bin cleanout system

Our BinWhip® system consists of hydraulically controlled telescopic arms with knuckle whips attached to them – a particularly effective method for removing deposits as the system creates such a strong rotational force. We use either UHMW whips, spark-proof bronze chains or specially produced steel chains to carry out the work depending on the type of material that needs to be removed.

BinDrill® – our bridge breaking system

Our BinDrill® system is ideal for clearing material when a silo is completely bridged or the discharge section has become clogged up. We are able to deal with the toughest of material as this system is powered by high-torque industrial hydraulic motors and we are able to choose from a variety of different drills.

Cardox® – our blockage clearing system

Our Cardox® system breaks up compacted material in storage vessels by suddenly releasing liquid carbon dioxide. This method uses high strength, reusable steel tubes filled with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). This is activated by a small electric charge causing it to expand and create a powerful force of up to 3,000 bar. Several tonnes of material can be detached with a single detonation. The Cardox® system can even be used while production continues as normal if the vessels have been fitted out with permanent tube sockets.

Mobile nitrogen generator units

BUCHEN-ICS operates several different mobile nitrogen generator units. These machines (run according to the membrane principle) consist of air compressors, separators, air dryers and special nitrogen membranes. The capacity of the units lie between 180m³ and 400m³ nitrogen per hour with a maximum purity level of 99% nitrogen. The nitrogen generator units can be used, for example, to create an inert environment in tanks and other technical equipment.

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