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BUCHEN-ICS’ business locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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Specialists at the very heart of your plant

Catalyst reactors deployed by the chemical and petrochemical industries are used to refine products, reduce environmental pollution and are the centrepiece of every industrial plant. It is, therefore, essential that they are serviced and cleaned and that the catalyst material is replaced at regular intervals to ensure that the industrial facilities run smoothly and effectively.

BUCHEN-ICS is one of the leading international businesses providing catalyst handling service as well as chemical cleaning and decontamination work.

Catalyst handling & reactor services

Reactor services cover all the tasks required for catalyst-relevant processing plants (such as hydrocrackers, FCC reactors and UOP CCR reformers) and range from preparing the plant, to handling the catalyst – including screening, mechanical work and unloading and loading systems – all the way through to regenerating, passivating or recycling the catalyst material.

Silo cleaning work

The BUCHEN experts use a variety of mobile silo cleaning systems to remove all kinds of deposits from silos up to 45 metres deep – without operatives having to enter the silo, thus preventing the material from becoming contaminated.

Industrial chemical services

Does your plant need to be cleaned quickly and effectively? This is where our cleaning-in-place systems come into play as they considerably reduce the amount of maintenance time required. This stationary chemical cleaning process avoids the time-consuming work of having to dismantle plant parts and can be deployed during turnarounds as well as for projects involving the building, retrofitting or demolition of processing plants. Both the cleaning process and the chemicals used are carefully selected to meet your exact requirements. Moreover, we organise the transport and professional treatment of all neutralised materials generated by the cleaning process.

Decontamination work

Chemical decontamination work is carried out during turnarounds as well as for projects involving the demolition of old processing facilities. It can be performed without having to dismantle individual plant parts first and can be used to clean separate pieces of equipment as well as interconnected systems.

Specialist services

From providing nitrogen services, to organising the transport, treatment and regeneration of the spent catalyst material, all the way through to reducing emissions – we offer a whole variety of other services in different industry plants. Why not contact us now?!

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