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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

BUCHEN-ICS offers comprehensive know-how alongside its services.

Toxic gases, hydrocarbons and pyrophoric iron can be chemically decontaminated during turnarounds or when old processing facilities are being dismantled – without the individual plant parts having to be removed first. It makes no difference whether the work involves separate pieces of equipment or interconnected systems

Decontaminating hydrocarbons and toxic gases

A rapid preparation of facilities ahead of inspections

Facilities that are due to be inspected and maintained during turnarounds normally have to be steamed and ventilated over a long period of time to eliminate any hazardous pollutants and toxic hydrocarbons. This can have a major impact on the environment and requires plant parts to be dismantled and reinstalled – a very time-consuming task. What’s more, operatives can only enter the vessels in the plant wearing protective respiratory equipment to ensure they stay safe.

BUCHEN’s cost-effective and environmentally compatible decontamination process provides an alternative way to clean heat exchangers, vessels, columns, pipes, crude oil plants and other plant parts while operations remain online

Using chemistry to decontaminate hydrocarbons

We offer an effective, economical and – above all – safe and eco-friendly process as an alternative to the conventional steam process. Hydrocarbons, toxic gases, pyrophoric substances, hydrogen sulphides and oil sludge are flushed out of the plant and separated using liquid chemicals. Measurements of the relevant parameters are taken on site throughout the process to analyse and document the progress of the cleaning work.

Our mobile separator unit is the centrepiece of this state-of-the-art equipment. It flushes out the decontaminated solid materials from the plant’s systems and then separates them. This separator unit can be used on both individual pieces of equipment and interconnected systems.

Additional information
Our chemical industrial cleaning brochure can be downloaded (PDF) hier


Operatives do not need to enter a toxic environment

Fewer emissions

The decontamination time is significantly shorter

Energy and water consumption is lower

No need for mechanical work after the flushing process

Biodegradable chemicals, free of carcinogenic substances

Areas of use

This process can be used on separate pieces of equipment as well as on interconnected systems:

  • Crude oil plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Fluid catalytic crackers
  • Gas treatment facilities
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Water production plants
  • Thermal crackers

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