The BUCHEN-ICS Group’s locations

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BUCHEN-ICS’ business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s business locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Fast and effective: with on-site chemical cleaning,
BUCHEN-ICS opens up time and cost advantages for plant operators

Suitable for the project

Chemical cleaning does not require prior disassembly of the process plant. To achieve first-class cleaning results, BUCHEN-ICS uses chemicals for the timesaving cleaning-in-place processes that are specially tailored to the requirements of the job. Furthermore, the utilised technology is precisely adapted to individual circumstances.

Mobile drying services

The pipe lines, vessels and fittings often need to be dried after the chemical process. A mobile, fully automated compressed air dryer is a reliable alternative here – especially for small fittings and sensitive hydraulic systems. The dryer consists of adsorption chambers that automatically regenerate themselves. An activated carbon filter is added to the dryer when it is used to dry oxygen systems.

Oil flushing services for hydraulic pipe systems

Your hydraulic pipe systems must operate safely and efficiently over a long period of time no matter what loads they must bear. It is, therefore, essential that the systems work perfectly before they are started up. We ensure that your hydraulic pipe systems are in good working order by flushing them with hydraulic oil following the pickling process. We take all necessary measurements throughout the process in line with NAS-Kl DIN 1638 (purity class) regulations.

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