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BUCHEN-ICS’ business locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

BUCHEN-ICS is your specialist partner for industrial chemical services.

Our portfolio also includes providing special equipment for filtering and chemically treating exhaust gases

Our industrial chemical services

Does your plant need to be cleaned quickly and effectively? BUCHEN-ICS specialises in removing all kinds of unwanted deposits using its cleaning-in-place systems – no matter whether the work is needed on the inside or outside of the plants. This stationary chemical cleaning process avoids the time-consuming work of having to dismantle plant parts and can be deployed during turnarounds as well as for projects involving the building, retrofitting or demolition of processing plants. We only work with high quality chemicals from specialist manufacturers. Each cleaning process is carefully selected to meet the exact requirements of the plant. Moreover, we organise the transport and professional treatment of all neutralised materials generated by the cleaning process.

Restoring and improving the efficiency of machinery – without having to first dismantle the parts

The removal of unwanted deposits (e.g. limescale, rust, oils, fats, product or incineration residue, different types of organic residue such as microorganisms, hydrocarbons, polymers) that have been generated during operations or by chemical reactions, in e.g.:

all types of plate or tubular heat exchangers, standalone and interconnected

heating and cooling systems

product pipe lines



boiler systems


vessels and tanks

desalination plants

Restoring the condition of surfaces e.g. in newly built high carbon or premium steel plants

This work is performed during the following scenarios: e.g. once the welding and installation work has been completed on a newly built plant, we then clean and restore the structure of the surface by using degreasing, pickling and passivating processes to remove any weld scale, mill scale, heat tint and foreign particles. What’s more, we can also use our chemical etching processes to completely remove an unwanted layer of metal from the surface of another material, e.g. dezincification.

Engineering and concept planning work

Using P&IDs and 3D flow diagrams, we draw up a bespoke schedule and concept for carrying out chemical cleaning, decontamination and/or degassing work in your plant during a turnaround or for a project involving the building, retrofitting or demolition of one of your facilities.

Neutralising and rinsing acidic or highly alkaline substances

Sludge, used flush liquid and product residue can be cleaned until they are pH-neutral so that they can be sent on for professional waste management treatment.

A mobile laboratory is set up at the site to measure the relevant parameters and monitor and document the progress of the cleaning process:

pH values

acid concentration

iron content

inhibitor test


other company-owned or external tests and measurements depending on the process

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